Maters & Co Honey 325g - Orange Blossom

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Orange blossom honey has come from the beautiful blossom of the Azhar tree in Spain. This honey has a light amber colour to it and a delicate taste. There are slight citrusy notes with a floral undertone.

Unlike the tree honeys, this blossom honey has much lighter tone to it, as the bees have been feeding on the blossom instead of the sap from the tree.

Maters & Co currently source their honey from their own hives in Cambridgeshire and a local beekeeper in Saffron Walden. They also source some honey from ethical beekeepers in Spain. Our raw honey is never pasteurised nor fine filtered, it is unprocessed and free from additives, this helps to preserve all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other abundant nutritional elements.

The raw honey only comes from sustainable hives and predominantly farmed using organic methods. The bees are never given antibiotics, nor are they fed sugar or syrup in the winter months. All of which makes for the best quality of raw honey in its purest form, the way it should be.