Soft cheese explorer box


These are six cheeses we feel everyone should try!

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This delicious box contains:

1 x Winslade 230g –

This Vacherin/Camembert cross is encircled in a spruce collar which gives Winslade a unique and distinctive pine note. Matured in the same way as traditional Camembert, Winslade has an unusual pinkish hue and a dappled rind.  A ripe Winslade is soft and unctuous with a quiet floral earthiness. More mild than Tunworth (the other cheese made by Hampshire Cheeses), yet superbly rich and gentle on the palate.

1 x Waterloo 180g –

A semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised Guernsey cow’s milk with a vegetarian rennet. Waterloo has a rich creamy flavour emanating from its naturally golden centre. Waterloo is made using a washed curd method which dilutes the acidity to achieve a gentle, mellow flavour. Its distinctive yellow colour is due to the natural carotene in the unpasteurised Guernsey milk which comes from a single herd of pedigree Guernsey cows.

1 x Isle Of Wight Blue 200g –

Being naturally rinded, it is covered in green, blue, grey and white moulds. These give the cheese bags of character and the variety of surface moulds that grow on the rind will make it stand out on any cheeseboard. The cheese has been a multiple medal winner at the World, British and International Cheese Awards, most notably winning Best English Cheese at The World Cheese Awards.

1 x Eve 125g –

This is a soft unpasteurised goat’s milk with vegetarian rennet cheese washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and wrapped in a vine leaf, which helps to maintain a softer paste and develop nuttier flavours.  Gold Award Winner at the 2019 British Cheese Awards

1 x Driftwood 215g –

This ash coated unpasteurised goats milk and vegetarian rennet cheese log has a geotrichum rind and a soft, creamy texture. With citrus notes and earthy undertones.

1 x Boy Laity 165g –

Complete with a distinct earthy, mushroom notes as soon he emerges from his packaging, when sliced open this delicious Cornish Camembert is fresh and creamy with a buttery texture.  Over time, this cheese will begin to ripen, providing a strong and pungent aroma that a great camembert is best known for.

1 x Mermaids Apple, Sultana & Tomato Chutney

1 x Peter’s Yard Original Crispbreads

(Allergen information: Contains MILK, EGG, MUSTARD, SULPHITES and GLUTEN)

In the unlikely event any of the cheeses are out of stock we may have substitute them for a delicious, equivalent alternative.